Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bird count half way done....

We're half way through the Back Yard bird count and it looks like this years count might break a record with counts coming in from all over the world.

Unfortunately my count isn't going quite as planned thanks to a chronic health issue deciding to flare up making walking apart from counting what is visible from my house, we have had to do most of our counting from the car.

Nicomen Island has been it's usual productive self with over 200 Trumpeter Swans counted and well over 300 Canada Geese in the same spot.

usually you can find all sorts of Great Blue Heron on Nicomen, but this year the most we've seen is 5. (one not in this shot)

Always lots of ducks of all species, this year American Wigeon seem to top the list, beating out even the Mallard numbers wise but what really surprised me were seeing over 70 Ring neck Ducks...and missing in action, at least so far, were Wood Ducks, haven't seen a single one, even in the spots we can nearly always find them.

it is hard to spot little birds from a car but we parked in one spot and while my husband took our dog for a run I saw Dark-eyed Junco, like the one above, Spotted Towhee, Song Sparrow, and since this was the spot where we'd seen it before, was lucky enough to pick up that Bewick's Wren again.

A species that is new to this area, at least on count days, was Eurasian Collared Doves, seems we've seen some every time we ventured out this year.

The Red-breasted Sapsucker has stayed around so has been counted each day and my husband just returned from a walk with pictures of an Anna's Hummingbird so there is another species we haven't been able to count in past years.

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