Saturday, February 22, 2014


Well, once again, we seem to have snow....

it was snowing when we got up and it has continued to snow all day although not really accumulating to any great depth.

and once again the most prominent species around, with the exception of the Red-wing Blackbirds, are the Varied Thrush.... they seem to be everywhere you look!

here is a closer look at one.....

there were other birds around, including several Killdeer (only one in photo)

not an eagle to be seen today, but this Red-tail Hawk was out there in the snow.

as were a couple of female Common Merganser (only one in photo), a dozen or so Mallard and a couple of Bufflehead rounded out the species.

Should mention that I had a male Purple Finch show up at my feeders today, unfortunately it didn't stay long enough to get a picture, but it was the first finch of any sort I've seen for probably 3 months.

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