Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Well yesterday was 'brisk' - today is down right frigid.  Bundled up and headed out for our usual walk....

a bit of a barren wasteland out there although there were a few Mallard in the areas of open water at the log bay.

the winds are really howling and look at the dust and sand flying off of the gravel bars!

when you look at the ice you can see the dust is settling in all of the ridges...  Not a lot of birds around, they aren't stupid, they're all up in the housing developments near the bird feeders!

at one point today my neighbours shed roof was covered in Dark-eyed Junco....the sun had been shining a little bit and I guess the dark shingles had collected a bit of heat.

At another point we thought there were flurries coming down but then realized....

the cedar tree was full of Red-wing Blackbirds that were working through all the little cones.  Normally Pine Siskin take care of those seeds but we've yet to see a Pine Siskin this season!

Tomorrow is a Project Feeder Watch count day and since it is supposed to be even colder tomorrow, count numbers should be high.

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