Monday, February 3, 2014


Beautiful sunny day but rather brisk!  Didn't get for a walk in my usual area today but we did go over to Harrison Bay....

if you look closely you'll see the dust flying as the out flow winds come whipping down the Harrison fact at this point we turned around because walking into a dust storm is not pleasant.  

Due to the wind there weren't any birds visible, they were all sheltering down in the bushes...

this area, where the Harrison River turns to join the Fraser around another corner, was really lovely - no wind!

spotted this Great Blue Heron way up in one of the trees along the shore.  Could hear some Canada Geese out on the bay and there were some Mallard along the shore.  Water levels in the bay and along the Harrison River are the lowest we have ever fact there are groups of pilings completely out of the water.  

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