Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sapsucker and how low can it go?

We'll start off with that....

Red-breasted Sapsucker...who has been busy at the same tree for 3 days now....and as you can see, he/she seems to just be making feeding holes.  The tree he is on is a native Hemlock which he obviously prefers to the more prevalent native Cedar trees.

Now, today we made our weekly trip over to Kilby and the Harrison Bay area of the IBA.

and we are absolutely shocked at how low the level of the Harrison River is, much lower than it was even as recently as our last visit!

some Trumpeter Swans way out in a little strip of water, a few ducks as well, we noticed they seemed to all be diving ducks, Common Golden-eye,  Buffleheads and Common Merganser.

There were a couple of groups of American Coot....this lot seemed to be sticking by the shore, the sand was so mucky after the recent weather that we couldn't walk in it to get any closer.

the pair of Bald Eagles were at their nest.  One was right in the nest so not really visible in this shot.

there was also a pair of Northwestern Crow that looked like they had nest building on their minds as well.

heading back home we stopped at the bridge to take this shot of the Harrison River and how low it is....

and then from the other side...unbelievable!!!

what didn't show up in the two scenery photos...but there were hundreds of Canada Geese both along the western shore of the river and at the ends of the gravel bars.

Made a quick run along Morris Valley Road, which fortunately wasn't busy as we stopped in a rather hazardous spot to get these two photos....

first, a trio of Hooded Mergansers, 2 males and a female and..

this rather neat shot with a Bufflehead closest, then a Common Golden-eye and a Gadwall in the back, all males.

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