Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oh my goodness! What happened?

So here we are, the 2nd day of March, spring should be well and truly on it's way, right?  Well if you go back to the last day of February it sure seemed so....the thermometer in our car read as high as 15 degrees at one point on that beautiful sunny day....then March arrived.

Yesterday wasn't too bad....

kind of windy and chilly and the haze on all the mountains signified snow....

and then came today....  most of these photos are courtesy of my husband because I haven't actually ventured out there today....

that is pretty much the same scene....this was taken about 3 hours ago, snow depth has doubled or tripled since then and it is still coming down.

There was one thing that made it worthwhile for his venturing out in the blizzard....

a River Otter was playing in the snow!  The pictures aren't great because the camera wanted to focus on the snow, but you can make the guy out.  We do see River Otters here sometimes when the water is high, nice to know they are actually here all the time.

here it was tunneling through the snow....just having a ball!

and when it was finished playing it headed up the bank and into the bushes.

only birds he saw were this Killdeer and the Red-wing Blackbirds over at the log bay....probably because everyone else are hanging out at area feeders.

there must be somewhere between 30 and 40 Varied Thrush in the immediate area around my place and since this is a 'loner' species that really don't like other's of their kind, there is a lot of threatening and feather pulling going on.

Song Sparrows are out there too along with Towhee and spotted one Fox Sparrow.

The Red-wing Blackbirds show up now and then too, as well as a few Starling and I've seen one Flicker and some Steller's Jay.  Not sure where all the little guys like Chickadees have gone, maybe they've headed south!

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