Saturday, March 22, 2014

Second full day of spring

Spring arrived on the 20th but for one reason or another I hadn't been able to get out there until today when it definitely didn't look or feel all that 'spring like'.

there wasn't a lot of activity.....

however there was a pair of Hooded Merganser there, along with a dozen or so Red-wing Blackbirds, most of which were bathing.

lot's of singing Song Sparrows.  Saw a number of Fox Sparrows as well.  Am wondering when the crowned sparrows will show up - should be soon.

There were a few Purple Finch as well.  

despite the clouds and cool temperatures there was quite the swarm of swallows in this area, often just skimming the surface of the water, which I guess is where the bugs were.

Here at the feeders, we saw the first Rufous Hummingbird of the season.  I actually saw my first one on Thursday but today was the first in our yard.  Heard reports from people in North Van and on Vancouver Island, all seeing their first ones today as well.  Strangely enough all of us (we are on the same Facebook B.C. birds group), all saw the first Turkey Vulture of the season on the same day as well, that day being the first day of spring.  

There continues to be large numbers of Dark-eyed Junco.  So far this guy with an all white tail is the only 'odd ball' I've seen.  All white tails are quite a common variation with these guys.

And lastly, 

I actually took this the other day (you can tell by the blue sky!), this is the pair of Hairy Woodpeckers, together on the same snag.

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