Saturday, March 15, 2014

Right on schedule

Before I get into today's sightings....wanted to mention that in keeping with today's 'theme', the first male Rufous Hummingbird was seen at an area feeder on Thursday, the 13th of March.  I haven't seen one yet but my feeders are out and ready and waiting!

Now back to today which wasn't as nice weather wise as the last few have been....

but we did manage to get out before the light showers got too serious....and what was the first thing we noticed?

a pair of Canada Geese!  Right on schedule.  Only this one pair so far but no doubt a few more will show up as they spread out searching for nesting sites.

Also right on schedule, I spotted the first Ruby-Crowned Kinglet for this year.  The little guy was so busy that it was impossible to ever think about a photo.....and also, in keeping with the theme, yesterday we had half a dozen Purple Finch at our feeders so their numbers are definitely increasing as well.

Also increasing in numbers are ...

the Dark-eyed Junco....the ground is 'hopping' in places with them.  Still watching for one of those 'odd balls' or more properly termed 'leutistic' (not sure of the spelling and neither is my computer!)

Of interest today, also was this....

Red-tail Hawk.  When we first noticed it on this piling it was definitely busy eating something or somebody.  Too far off to get a better ID.

On the way home....

this Song Sparrow was being very co-operative.  I think I've mentioned before that right now is the best time to get photos of these guys, partly because the vegetation isn't leafed out to hide them, but mainly because of their habit of singing perched on the top of various shrubs as they stake out territories.

Now for a bit of was 2 years ago today when I spotted....

this Saw-whet Owl.  The one and only time I have ever seen one.  It was mobbing Steller's Jay that lead me to him then and I know there are owls around right now, again due to the mobbing Steller's Jay, but so far I haven't been able to spot any.  I did have a neighbour tell me he saw a Barred Owl the other day, which seemed strange as Barred Owls are normally nocturnal.

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