Monday, March 17, 2014

not leaving without a fight....

Spring officially starts in 3 days but this morning we were reminded that winter isn't going without a fight....

as we woke to fresh snow way down on all the surrounding mountains, including Mt. Woodside. 

Earlier this morning I had just about had a collision with a Sharp-shin Hawk.  Had wondered why there were no little birds around and was walking past a shrub when the little hawk dove down and grabbed a junco that had been hiding there.  Didn't have a camera with me at the time and it all happened too fast to get a photo, even if I had.

When I did get out for a walk there just wasn't a lot of bird activity...

there were lots of Black-cap Chickadees about, haven't seen any near that nest site again.  Saw a pair of Bushtits as well.  when there is only a pair it is a pretty good indication they are in search of a home as well.  They were in an area I have found bush tit nests in the past.

as I was finishing my walk a trio of Canada Geese came flying in....the above pair and what seemed to be one 'hangeroner'

didn't really have the right camera with me for this action shot, but thought it turned out kind of neat anyway.

The promised sunshine did appear for a short while late in the day....

and I laughed when I looked outside and saw this trio of Dark-eyed Junco sitting  sunbathing....I know just how they feel!  The fact that the thermometer still just read 6 degrees was the only thing that stopped me from running out there and soaking up some vitamin D myself.

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