Monday, May 6, 2013

Home for awhile

I'm back home for a while now and will start getting postings done more often. First question is who turned the heat up!!! We're getting August temperatures, a bit of a shock to the birds, plants and humans!

My feeder birds are pouting after finding empty feeders for the past week. They'll slowly trickle back. I've seen Steller's Jay, a couple of Pine Siskin and a Goldfinch. Have heard that some Evening Grosbeak have been seen. I expect the Black-headed Grosbeak will be arriving soon if they haven't already. Bullock's Oriole should be here as well and also Barn Swallows.

Took a walk down to the boat launch and water levels are definitely rising. No photo as I have to download the pictures from my last trip. Did notice an Osprey on a nest by the Hwy. 7 bridge as we were coming home yesterday.

There is a Purple Finch calling and just heard a chickadee so they're around....

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