Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two foot drop

This past long weekend we witnessed something we've never seen here before....water levels dropped and dropped substantially!  At least 2 feet!

we are used to the water levels rising and dropping a little bit, especially early in the 'flood' season...

but last Friday all of this, including all of the 'fill' was completely under yesterday it looked like this picture which I took about noon today.  Does this mean we've seen high water for this year?  Only time will tell, normally we don't see the high water point until mid-to late June.

Haven't had a chance to do much 'birding' the last few days, but the Evening Grosbeaks are still around in numbers....this being a female....

and this a male.  I also noticed a Western Tanager over the weekend (sorry, no photo) and everyone is commenting on the abundance of Hummingbirds....something we haven't experienced for a couple of years.  Also the Bullock's Orioles are definitely here in high numbers. (again no picture)

This Milbert's Tortoishell Butterfly was co-operative, feeding on the flower of a chive plant.  I've also seen a Western Swallowtail, but no picture yet.

Lastly, over the long weekend we took a drive to Cheam Wetlands Regional Park, just across the Agassiz - Rosedale bridge....had to post a picture, it was so beautiful with all the Yellow Flag Iris in flower.

Unfortunately these Iris are an invasive species and they have certainly invaded this wetland, but how can you get upset when it looks so nice!

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