Friday, May 17, 2013

Evening Grosbeaks! (and rising water)

You didn't need to look outside this morning to know that the Evening Grosbeaks hath arrived!!!  They are not the quietest of birds....

but they are now here in abundance   Just how long they'll stay is anybodies guess as these nomadic creatures 'go with the flow'.

but they are very welcome.  All winter I watched numerous photos of them being posted by birders on the east side of the continent - now it is our turn.  There are an even dozen in the above picture.

of course the Black-headed Grosbeak are still here as well, just slightly out-numbered at the moment!

Just wanted to note that the pair of Red-breasted Nuthatch are still around.  I'm hoping to seem some youngsters one of these days.

after water levels holding steady for a couple of days, they are once more on the rise...this European Starling was just one of a number of birds very interested in this tiny little bit of exposed dirt.  The Starlings have a nest nearby.

while the Steller's Jay's seemed to be more interested in bathing.

Went for a short drive around the area, we no longer have an 'estuary' we now have a 'lake'.  That is Mt. Woodside over there.

This could be an 'oh yuck' situation - when I got out to take the scenery photo I noticed a few of these Tent Caterpillar nests in the vegetation.  Remember that some birds, especially our beautiful Bullock's Orioles, love to eat these guys.

Over at the Kilby Campground on Harrison Bay, the bay is, for the second year in a row, encroaching into the campground itself.  Last year the entire campground was under water, it remains to be seen if the same thing will happen this year.

Some Canada Geese were happily feeding in this freshly planted cornfield, in the background you can see the ground water is oozing up.

Just a couple more photos for today....the view of the Harrison River as taken from the east end of the bridge.  The 2nd piling from the left....

holds an Osprey would appear that the eggs haven't yet hatched.

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