Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Another beautiful sunny day!  The extreme 'record breaking' heat of Sunday has eased and now it is just plain gorgeous!

The water level has risen since yesterday, the lower part of the path is now completely under water.  Only sign of life out on the water were a couple of female Bufflehead ducks, but they didn't stick around.  I have heard Canada Geese in the evening and early in the morning so there are some of them out there somewhere.

What I did hear though was.....

a male Bullock's Oriole!  so now we know they are definitely back for the season.

he'd obviously just had a bath as he was busy preening himself.  I thought I saw a Yellow Warbler flight into the bushes as I was watching but couldn't be sure.  

an American Robin did show up briefly, and I saw a Red-wing Blackbird and heard a Rufous Hummingbird, but other than that, it was actually very quiet.

It remains quiet at the feeders as well even though the seed has been replenished.  I did look out and saw a male Black-headed Grosbeak briefly, last night, but haven't seen him return, no doubt there will be more here soon.  The hummingbird feeder was getting lots of action last night as it was getting dusk, nothing like the activity that a friend of mine who lives near Blue River is getting at the moment, she has 6 feeders out and say's she has to use a shield of some sort when she ventures outside, there are so many 'grumpy hummies' at her place!

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