Thursday, May 23, 2013

Loon and Sapsucker

When you download 64 pictures for just one day you know it was a good day, bird wise!

a walk down to the water (which is still dropping), reveled a Common Loon just off from the boat launch.

It actually came in closer for a better look!  I could hear Canada Geese and even a Mallard....most likely the Mallard had ducklings but I couldn't spot them.  Right now with the water up in the bush there are all kinds of hiding places....which of course is the way nature designed things to be!  While watching the loon I heard a scrabbling behind me and turned around to see this....

Red-breasted Sapsucker working over the tree trunks in the boat launch.  I think there must be a pair breeding in the area as I've often seen or heard them while at the boat launch.

earlier in the morning, back in my own yard, I finally managed to get some decent photos of a female Black-headed Grosbeak.

The Evening Grosbeaks were busy on the other side of the park model.

The Band-tail Pigeon were out there too.  There are more photos but I see my battery is just about dead, so will continue on tomorrow!

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