Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Part of the park.....

The last few days haven't been very conducive to bird watching....I did spot a female Wood Duck in our boat launch yesterday but she took off in alarm before I could get a camera out, and today I noticed the Common Loon out there but he too disappeared.

Being disgusted that yet another beautiful mature tree in our complex was coming down, for no good reason and at the height of nesting season....I couldn't stand the thought of walking around in here, so ventured over to the park.  I had thought that the water had dropped enough to be able to walk the path.....

but I was wrong.  Here is the path heading to the log bay....

and that is the way to the viewing platform.  So with no way to get to the log bay other than through the subdivision with the 'keep out' signs on their gate - we just came back home.  I could hear all sorts of bird chatter, including a lot of alarm chirps as a Turkey Vulture chose that moment to circle over head and although he would have no interest at all in little live birds, they don't know that and immediately go into alarm mode when ever a raptor shape is over head.

This male Bullock's Oriole had been down low when we went through the gate, but flew up to the top of this cedar tree before I got to where I had a clear line of sight.  There were also some very noisy Raven, I don't know if they were a pair, they seemed to be gathering nesting materials or if they were young ones that didn't know the difference between sticks and food!

I also noticed that there are a couple of very sad, dead or dying Douglas Fir trees over there.  It seems that a couple of years of a prolonged high water table is taking it's toll on this particular tree species.  Our complex lost a beautiful one last year....which makes it even more annoying when a perfectly healthy tree is removed for no reason other than some humans don't want to have to occasionally clean up after it!

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