Friday, May 24, 2013

Western Swallowtail Butterfly

Not an exciting day for birds today - at least not like yesterday - but I did manage to spot a co-operative.....

Western Swallowtail Butterfly.

Before going back to yesterday's photos to bring us up to date....

will show that we had another lovely day, a bit on the cool side, especially near the water.  Levels remained stable since yesterday.

so to get back to showing some of the species around right now...Brown Headed Cowbirds - LOTS of Brown Headed Cowbirds - in fact I swear 30 or 40 of them flew out from under the feeders yesterday evening.  This is not necessarily a good thing as these are parasitic birds that lay their eggs in other birds nests, usually to the detriment of the other species.  All birds in the photo are males.

Band-tail Pigeons are still with us as well.....

as are the Evening Grosbeaks.

I keep expecting to spot a young Spotted Towhee, but so far only adults are seen and they are very quiet and sneaky.  Haven't seen a Song Sparrow for sometime, they are no doubt nesting as well.

I did spot a young American Robin yesterday but couldn't get a good picture, I think this is one of the parents.  Also know where there is a nest with very vocal youngsters in it...I'll attempt a photo one of these days.

last, but by no means 'least' are the Bullock's Orioles, this one a young male (last years).  A neighbour has the market cornered on Orioles.  Yesterday I went and sat there for a while in hopes of getting pictures but this was the only one to appear while I was there and he wasn't happy with me.  I will have to go sit there more often so they get as used to me as they are with my friend.

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