Monday, May 13, 2013

A little more seasonal

Well with the return of more seasonal weather, the numbers and varieties of birds seems to be getting more 'normal'.

But first we'll deal with the rapidly rising water!  Bye bye pathway! I could hear lots of birds in this area and did spot a Wilson's Warbler (the first I've seen this year) but that was about it.  

There are definitely lot's of Black-headed Grosbeaks around.  The females are showing up too, the bird above is a male.

There have been a few Evening Grosbeaks coming to the feeders as well, in fact the list of species coming to the feeders is fairly extensive, it is just the numbers of each that are low, although just a few minutes ago I had a dozen Purple finch out there which is certainly more 'normal'.  Also, after not seeing or hearing one of the Red-breasted Nuthatch and just after moving the peanut feeder to make way for a hanging basket, what should appear but one of the Nuthatch.  The feeder hadn't been moved very far and it quickly found it.

speaking of the peanut feeder this Douglas Squirrel was doing quite a contortionist act on it...this was prior to my moving it.  I don't think they can get at it where it is now.  There is definitely NO shortage of these guys around here right now.

Noticed that the ....

Wild Roses are coming into flower now too.

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