Thursday, April 25, 2013

Red-breasted Sapsucker

Finally a day when we were able to get down to the water!

The water levels have pretty much been at this point for a couple of weeks now.  That should change soon, once temperatures warm up all over the province and snow melt starts to feed the Harrison and Fraser River watersheds.

This adult Bald Eagle was perched out on one of the submerged logs.  He was pretty much the only bird in sight out there.  No ducks or geese to be seen.  I had heard rumors of a large 'white bird' out there, but couldn't see anything.  A few male Red-wing Blackbirds were flying about and I could hear a Black-capped Chickadee calling.  Could also hear two......

Red-breasted Sapsucker's calling and finally spotted this one high up in one of the poplar trees.

here is a slightly better shot of one of these pretty birds - this was taken at Miracle Beach on Vancouver Island during our recent trip there.

Here is another shot of the estuary, looking towards Morris Valley Road....I'm putting it in now as it sounds like I may be off for another week or so, this will give us a basis to compare water levels when I get back.

A number of Tree Swallow were flying about over head, caught sight of this pair perched on a street light.  They are busy searching for nesting sites so if you haven't put up a bird house yet, now is the time!  Haven't seen a Barn Swallow yet but expect they will be showing up soon.

and finally thought I'd put in this picture of a Mountain Bluebird as I guess I missed them when they passed through the estuary, assuming they did like they do normally.  This was taken last week above Vaseux Lake in the Okanagan.  

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