Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What is with all these gulls this year?

Another beautiful day!  

this was the view from the 'viewing platform' today.  Notice how green everything has gotten all of a sudden!

so we will start off with the head topic.  I don't ever remember so many gulls being seen here at this time of the year before and it seems everyday it is something different.  The one there today I can positively identify, it is a Ring-bill Gull - yellow legs, light eye and a distinct black ring near but not right at the tip of the bill.

while we are at the water's edge, finally managed to get a picture of one of the Killdeer we've been hearing - you can see why they are so hard to spot!

and let's toss in this picture of a Great Blue Heron that I took yesterday evening over at the log bay.

I mentioned them yesterday, but today there were some of these Pine Siskin over at the log bay, not to mention at my feeders.

and here is one of those Band-tail Pigeons that I also mentioned yesterday as having just arrived.

I've also been mentioning the unusual numbers of Northwestern Crows that are around this spring, and today was no exception.  Perhaps we'll end up with a crow nest somewhere in the park.

and we'll end with one of these furry little creatures that are abundant but seldom seen unless you are in our yard in the evening!  It is, of course a Flying Squirrel.  BTW the photo was taken without a flash so as not to damage his (my husband calls him 'Rocky') sensitive eyes.  We have had as many as 4 of these guys in the yard at the same time but this one is very tame compared to the others.

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