Thursday, January 28, 2021

Lots of activity

Lots of activity the last few days over near Harrison Bay....

 The fields have been full of swans, mainly Trumpeter but there are a few Tundra as well, Canada Geese, including some of the small Cackling Geese - there is one right in the lower middle of this picture....and ton's of American Wigeon ducks...

a solid carpet of Wigeon....

every now and then, they take flight....sometimes just out to the bay, wave after wave of them, and sometimes when an eagle flies over, they all take flight, circling around and settling back down on the field.

the Bald Eagle pair have been hanging about the nest, which still needs a lot of work.

over here at the estuary it has been a lot quieter....water levels are down to where you expect them to be this time of the year.

there are usually a few Great Blue Heron around, like this one just out from the log bay this morning, you can see how shallow the water is now from the vegetation.

there were quite a few Varied Thrush this morning feeding on the few fruits of the Pacific Crabapple that are still hanging on.

Black capped Chickadees can usually be found as well.

and now for a couple of 'signs of spring'....

Hazelnut Catkins....

and Pussy Willows!

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