Monday, October 14, 2013

What a beautiful Thanksgiving!

What a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend we've had!

that high water that seemed to appear out of no where, is now dropping and the gravel bars are re-emerging.  My husband was down earlier and counted 153 Bald Eagles out there.  By the time I got there most had moved off of the flats...partly because that is what they do after feeding early in the day and partly from disturbance as there was a lot of plane traffic out there today!

this juvenile flew by joining a number of Bald Eagles that were soaring over the hillside to the west - first time I've seen that this fall.

while this adult stayed put in one of the eagle trees.  While looking for eagles spotted this....

another one of those Ruby-crowned Kinglets.  This one hiding behind a branch.  Now for a little bit of back tracking....remember how I lamented the lack of dippers when we visited the spawning channel last week?  Well yesterday we packed turkey sandwiches and headed up to Manning Park....first bird we saw was....

an American dipper!  So I guess maybe they are still heading in our direction.

Backing up a bit further, remember the picture of the two swans I took, and I thought they might be Mute Swans....a follower of this blog concurred with me and then today we drove the back roads around Nicomen Island and there, in the slough...

and there was most definitely a Mute I am pretty much sure that what we had here were Mute Swans, after all it isn't that far away and I will add them to the species list for this area...should have checked it first but I know we are in excess of 170 species so far.

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