Friday, October 25, 2013

An 'Eagle' sort of day...

A change in the weather brought low misty cloud

went for a walk earlier than usual, there were a number of Northwestern Crows down feeding with this Bald Eagle.

The cloud was right down on the flats.

you can see how little water is out there....that poor fish struggled and struggled...I don't know if it managed to get any further along or not.

at our usual walk time, the cloud had lifted a big....the pair of Common Raven were perched out there rather than flying around over head like they have been recently... and everywhere you looked...

there were perched Bald Eagles.  That is the most I've seen in the 'eagle' tree so far this year.

the interesting thing is that the majority of them are juveniles!

the bird on the far left looks like a 4 year old but the rest are youngsters 

I could see there were birds perched in trees all the way along the foreshore for as far as you can see....didn't walk too far as I didn't want to disturb them.  This early in the season, the young birds especially are quite flighty....later they will get used to the usual traffic flow and become more tolerant as long as people stick to the trails and don't do anything out of the ordinary.

you can see there were lot of eagles out there on the flats as well!

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