Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lots of activity

The rains finally let up late this afternoon so went for a brief walk down to our boat launch area.  Boy was it a busy place!

The water levels have dropped a little bit and Canada Geese are taking advantage of the nice fresh exposed grasses.  There were a few gulls out there and I could hear a few eagles as well.

Some Mallards were out there and I saw a Grebe - I think a Pied-bill....also heard a heron...but it was in the riparian habitat where the real activity was.  There must have been a mixed migrating flock taking advantage....

There were a number of these Ruby-crowned Kinglets,

and these which I am pretty sure are young Orange-crowned Warblers.  There were also Black-cap Chickadees in the mix and I think I spotted a Lincoln Sparrow.

There are also lots of White-crowned Sparrows.....this one being a juvenile.  Some will hang around for the winter but most will move on.  

The Song Sparrows will be spending the winter with us, as will the Dark-eyed Junco whose numbers are increasing daily.  Speaking of numbers - I counted 33 Steller's Jay at my feeders this morning!  This is about double what I have ever had in the past.  If this keeps up it is going to be a costly winter in the bird seed department!

Spotted Towhees will be spending the winter with us too.  I mentioned last post the number of Robins and Flickers around and they continue to be here in large numbers.  One last sighting for today was......

this male Hairy Woodpecker.  One last note, I said in my last post that the Salmon are now at the hatchery - I 'misheard' my husband....apparently there aren't any salmon yet - should be soon!

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