Friday, October 11, 2013


Don't know where it all came from but the water levels have risen again to the point that walking to the park is no longer possible!

Didn't get down there until quite late this afternoon.  There were all sorts of robins and some varied thrush eating the berries of a red-osier dogwood shrub, also some song sparrows and a  towhee in this area.

those black specks are North Western we are quite used to seeing large numbers of crows heading from sort of south to sort of north late in the afternoon, but today they were flying in the opposite direction.  This picture also shows that rising more gravel bars visible.

One lone gull was feasting on a floating salmon carcass in fairly deep water....but that was about it.  

where the real activity was, was on one of our streets that is lined on both sides with these 'Cornus Kousa Dogwoods', the American Robins are going crazy over their fruits!  There were robins everywhere!  While I was watching the robins I could hear tapping and finally spotted this guy....

a Red-breasted Sapsucker.  He was quite high up and in a very shaded area, but manged to capture him.

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