Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lot's of little birds

For various reasons haven't been able to do a posting for the last few of those reasons was the drastic change in weather from our beautiful sunny weekend that ended with a sudden windstorm and then heavy rain....

So much rain that water levels have actually risen again!  This was the first bay this afternoon and boy was there a lot of bird activity in the habitat around this area!

I showed a female Purple Finch in the Pacific Choke Cherry bushes, today I caught a male.

Recently I've been mentioning the numbers of Northern Flicker around the area, today one sat still long enough to get a quick picture.

The most numerous species seemed to be Ruby-crowned Kinglets.  They were everywhere!  Lots of Robins too, and spotted another Varied Thrush.  Numbers of Red-wing Blackbirds are increasing too, I guess they are collecting to form the large flock that usually winters with us.

Numbers of Song Sparrow are increasing too.  I was so busy trying to see everything in the bushes that I almost missed this guy....

in fact there were 3 Bald Eagles perched in the 'eagle tree'

With the water over the flats again there was less activity out there but quite the collection of ducks on this little point of land.  Saw Mallard, American Wigeon, Common Merganser and some Hooded Merganser among them

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