Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pretty much like yesterday

No pictures today.  It looked pretty much exactly like yesterday.  When we set out there were somewhere between 60 and 70 Bald Eagles soaring overhead.  Taking a picture never works....they just look like little black dots and you can never get them all.  At the spot where the Bald Eagle was eating the salmon yesterday, there were several Raven.  I was about to take a picture when 3 fishermen walked down to the point by the first bay and started to walk across the little trickle of water - no problem with that, fishing is allowed out on the estuary - but was it really necessary for one of them to set off what must have been some sort of fireworks!  Every bird in the place, including all the gulls out on the flats took off....the gulls just sort of lifted, flew around for a minute or two and then settled again, but that was the last I saw of the Ravens.

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