Sunday, October 20, 2013

Found by the fog....

This morning, the fog that people closer to the coast have been coping with, finally found it's way out to the estuary....

I actually like fog, you can get some interesting photos sometimes....this morning it wasn't very thick, just sort of we have the 'first bay' where there were quite a few spawning salmon....

there was a lot of activity out on the flats!  This just shows one small section.

here is another section....gulls galore!  Several times I'm pretty sure I heard some Sandhill Cranes out there too.....Sandhills do occasionally show up here but it is years since I've actually seen one so I could get a shot to actually prove it!

made it over to the log bay for the first time in a while....shocking how low the water is...and a reminder that even though it is dry now, Salmon were spawning in there so there are now salmon eggs in the gravel that can be destroyed by people walking on stay up on the paths.

another illustration of why everyone should stay on the trails...when I headed out there were Mallards and those Greater Yellow-legs Sandpipers happily poking about in the shallows...when I returned they were no where in sight...why? because someone decided they had to walk along the foreshore.

fortunately this Bald Eagle that was further up, had been left undisturbed to finish his breakfast.

It didn't take long for the fog to dissipate....this is looking across to the far end of the estuary.... 

a short time later we had to head into town and did a quick drive down to the end of the estuary...fogs all gone now!  Should mention the activity this morning wasn't all out on the flats...Robins, Song Sparrows, Steller's Jays, Starlings and Juncos were all over this morning, also lots of Pacific Wrens....seem to more Wrens this year than usual but so far I haven't been able to capture one (with a camera of course!).  And wanted to mention that on our way home this morning, from the time we left Mission until almost Deroche there was a steady stream of crows....thousands of them all across Nicomen Island...have never seen anything like it!

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