Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunshine and rising water….

Finally a nice sunny day!!


and the water is on the rise…

Water level sitting at the 3rd mark

Sitting now, right on the 3rd mark on the post….

Barn swallows

With the warmer weather, the Barn Swallows have returned and are now busily gathering mud for nest building…note the ‘white fluff’ – that is Cottonwood ‘cotton’ – something else that humans love to complain about! But it is great for nest building….


Wet trail

I haven’t, been over to the park for weeks and won’t be because there is no longer a park to go to…Ernie ventured over there last night and took these pictures….that is water on the end of the trail, the viewing platform isn’t even visible as the water has come over the path to the point the trail turns away …

Over flowing log bay

The log bay is over flowing…the bench is sitting in water, and judging by how much it came up here over night, that trail will be under water now…which doesn’t matter, because it was already under water at either end.

BandTail with out a tail?

Just before I end, will post a couple of Band-tail Pigeon pictures – not sure where this one’s tail is!  There have been so many of them around, although today they’ve been noticeable by their absence – have they finally moved up into the mountains?  Time will tell.

Band-Tail in a tree

There is one more…

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