Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Towhees….

I don’t normally do a posting on Sundays but a couple of things had me running outside between showers today…

Bullock's Oriole - First year male

First, was hearing a Bullock’s Oriole close by this morning.  I’ve been mentioning how many of them there are this year, perhaps that is why a few are venturing a bit further away from the water’s edge than normal.  This fellow (a first year male) was in my neighbors contorted willow tree.  I’ve now put out my Oriole feeder in hopes he may return.

Fledgling Towhee

later, hearing the unmistakable sound of a baby bird outside, had me running out again….this time a family of Spotted Towhee

Fledgling Spotted Towhee

one of the youngsters seemed quite independent already…

Feeding baby

but the other one was still demanding to be fed….

Rising water

later in the afternoon I wandered down to see where the water levels were at…coming up, ever so slowly – now about half way between the first and second mark on the post…

Still rising

nice and calm out there, hopefully I’ll get out in a canoe or kayak one of these days…

Barn Swallows

a lot of bird activity in the area, including masses of Barn Swallows!  Remember how, not too long ago we’d been concerned that there were no Barn Swallows?  Well now there are lots….these ones in the rafters of gazebo’s roof.  They don’t seem to have really settled to nest building yet but there is certainly lots of coming and going!

Male Bullock's Oriole

and finally, a semi-cooperative male Bullock’s Oriole….there are enough of them around, sooner or later one had to pose for a picture!

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