Friday, June 15, 2012

A day for babies…

What a treat to wake up to clear blue skies!!! of course they say today was it…back to rain tomorrow…so tried to enjoy it while I could!

a little bit higher

the water has crept up a bit more, maybe a couple of inches higher on the marker post…

Barn Swallow gathering nesting material

with the sunshine, Barn Swallows were back gathering nesting materials..


there was actually a lot of bird activity down there today….a number of Cedar Waxwings (this photo taken in dense shade so kind of washed out)

an Oriole up there

there is a Bullock’s Oriole behind all those leaves…also saw Yellow Warblers and a Yellow-rump Warbler before a loose dog showed up and that was that!  Dogs aren’t supposed to be off leash here, but….

Fledgling Black Capped Chickadee

around home another Black-capped Chickadee family showed up today…here is one of the fledglings…

Figuring out a feeder

this one was learning about bird feeders….

June 15 '12 032

later in the afternoon it was fledgling House Finch…..

White Crowned sparrow with nesting material

and proving that the nesting season is a long way from being over…this White-crowned Sparrow was busy collecting my dogs fur for nesting materials…the way she is shedding she could supply building materials for half the country!

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