Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It’s summer!

It’s official, today is the first day of summer – and it even looked like it…

the marker post

down by the water – it continued to rise – the above photo taken around noon today – I’ve been hoping to get back down there but haven’t had a chance to.  At this point it is still has almost a foot to go to reach the highest level it has been – at least since this developments have been here.

House Finch male

Being a nice day but not too hot, I tried to spend as much of it outside as I could…. This House Finch was out there this morning, later the whole family showed up…

Fledgling White-crowned Sparrow

The fledgling White-crowned Sparrows were back….

one of the adults

mom, or is it dad, supervising.

Brown headed Cowbirds

there are still lots of Brown-headed Cowbirds around – these 2 being males…

Copy cats

the Black-cap Chickadee family were out there too….think these were both youngsters trying to figure out the peanut feeder…

Band-tail Pigeon

and we still have Band-tail Pigeons!  I guess they are going to stay with us for the summer – if they do, it will be interesting to see when some young ones show up….and speaking of young ones, in order to not make this an x-rated site I’m not going to post the pictures I have of Douglas Squirrels that I took today, lets just say I thought it a very strange time for them to be procreating….but after doing some on line searching I found that even though they normally breed in about February, in southern parts of their territory, they are known to have 2 litters a year….gestation is just under a month, so I guess we’ll have another batch of little squirrels running about in early September…  I also discovered that Douglas Squirrels are sometimes called ‘Pine’ squirrels or ‘Chickaree’ – had never heard that before!

Juvenile Rufous

back to today, I’ll end with a young Rufous Hummingbird – in fact it was a busy hummingbird day as besides this little guy there had been both male and females in the yard – another couple of weeks and the males will have deserted us – if all goes according to the norm…

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