Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a little bit higher

Water levels have climbed a little bit more since the last posting…

Over the 3rd marker

sitting at just over the 3rd marker on the post – this picture was taken yesterday but conditions haven’t changed any over night.  Yesterday we were back to cool and drizzly and today it has been cool and windy although it does seem to be improving this afternoon.

right up to the corner now

This ‘park pictures’ again courtesy of Ernie, and taken last night, show the water had crept even further along the trail, now around the above corner…

no more trail

and as predicted the path has long since disappeared..

Seat of bench under water

even the seat of the bench is now under water.

Song Sparrow

there hasn’t been a lot in the way of birds visible, or at least to the point you can photograph them…this Song Sparrow was hunched in the bushes yesterday….saw both Orioles and a female Yellow Warbler today but neither were cooperative.

Black-headed Grosbeak

I was trying to get pictures of the White-crowned Sparrow running around gathering my dogs fur for nesting material, but had to settle for this male Black-headed Grosbeak instead.  By the way, there still are Band-tail Pigeons around, although I think fewer than there had been.

Cheeky fellow!

we seem to have an abundance of Douglas Squirrels again.  I think the youngsters are out and about…have had as many as 3 eating all at the same time in our little tiny yard.

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