Saturday, June 9, 2012


That is what they are starting to call it…Junuary…it is so unseasonably cool…

rising water

and cloudy and wet…well it has been dry here the last few days if you don’t count the ‘mist’ – but it has been wet up country, with the result that water levels are starting to rise again…

closing in on second mark on post

now closing in on the second mark on the post – and once the flood waters that are currently in the Prince George area make their way down the Fraser River to here, which takes 2 or 3 days – levels should raise significantly.

Red-wing Blackbird - female or fledgling

there is still a lot of bird activity…Red-wing Blackbirds, Orioles etc. down by the boat launch…

Fledgling House Finch

Baby birds continue to show up…like this fledgling House Finch, but the cool dark weather makes photographing them difficult…


despite the poor weather, I noticed today that the pin cherries in this tree, just down the road from me, are getting ripe.  Today an American Robin was in the tree but I know from past experience that these cherries attract a lot of birds, especially Cedar Waxwings, so will have to keep an eye on it.

Although we didn’t manage a picture, today we spotted a Black Bear just at the northern edge of the estuary and several persons have reported seeing the brown ‘rabbit’ or Snowshoe Hare in the area in the past few days.  Should also mention that a male Wood Duck was seen over at the ‘isolated’ log bay and Spotted Sandpipers have been seen there, and apparently at our boat launch – but not yet by me.

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