Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It is getting interesting!

Water levels continue to creep up…

It is getting interesting!

there wasn’t a great increase over night, but I went back down to this spot about an hour and a half after this picture was taken, and the water had climbed up over the black mark on the post, that is visible in this picture.

Quite the mouthful

the Barn Swallows were taking full advantage of the supply of mud as they are in full nest building mode!

Barn Swallow

here is another one…

female Bullock's Oriole

Swallows weren’t the only birds enjoying the expanded ‘bird bath’ – this Bullock’s Oriole was one of several, there were also Cedar Waxwings and Robins…

White Crowned Sparrow fledgling

back at home, the first White-crowned Sparrow fledglings of the season showed up today…

Mommy or daddy

there is mom or dad, leading the youngsters over to my feeders…

Junco fledgling

lots of fledgling Dark Eyed Juncos around too – not sure where they are all coming from!

Female Rufous

caught this female Rufous Hummingbird at my neighbours roses.  There was a Swallowtail butterfly flitting around too but didn’t manage a picture.

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