Wednesday, June 6, 2012


What is with this weather!!!  We seem to be going backwards…

another gray day

another chilly, cloudy day!  At least it stayed dry and we almost saw the sun very briefly later in the afternoon.  Water levels crept up ever so slightly..

Female Red-wing

Female Red-wing Blackbirds were noticeable near the boat launch today…

Fledgling Red-wing

probably because their nest sitting duties are over as this fledgling, spotted through the bushes, attests to.  Could hear the usual Orioles, Waxwings and Yellow Warblers – have no idea where the Barn Swallows have disappeared too but there wasn’t one any where to be seen.


American Robins still around…haven’t seen any more babies, apart from the ones in the nest that I haven’t wanted to disturb by taking any more pictures.

Band Tails

Speaking of ‘still being around’ – those Band Tail Pigeons are still here.  I haven’t dug into my records but I’m sure they have normally moved on by June.

Hiding Bandtail

they remain as spooky as ever!

Female Black-headed Grosbeak

almost as spooky as the Pigeons are the Black-headed Grosbeaks!  There are so many of them but trying to get pictures is a challenge – this one is a female.

Dark-eyed Junco

saw the first baby Dark-eyed Junco this afternoon – not a great back drop but best we could manage!

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