Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A triple Towhee day

What happened to those sunny days that was predicted for this week?!  Another chilly cool day – at least I remembered my gloves today!  Also another very, very quiet day….there were NO ducks at all, or any other birds over at my end…

Spotted Towhee

On the entire walk the only birds I saw were 3 Spotted Towhee - this one being the most vocal and most visible.  Very few ducks, perhaps a half dozen Mallard and that was it.  Day after tomorrow is the first day of the Backyard Bird Count, I sure hope things improve!  Mind you I will go out several times during the day because conditions can change dramatically within a short time frame when it comes to birds.

the first bay

for scenery, thought I’d show the first bay for a change, looking back towards the viewing platform.

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