Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New month…

Start of a new month and same old weather!

Dull start to the month

damp, gray and yucky!

The Tundra Swan

a neck appeared over this rise – and there was that lone Tundra Swan again…it was either back, or perhaps had just been hunkered down when I went back yesterday.

Tundra Swan

I had taken the better camera with me today ‘just in case’ – this was the best I got…the bird is sticking to a little gully on the other side of that slight rise…

Really cropped

this one is cropped to a ridiculous point…so you can clearly see the yellow on the bill..

that way

compared to yesterday, it was extremely quiet…a few Red-wings calling, a Flicker somewhere…

3 Juvenile Eagles

3 juvenile Bald Eagles in this spot out on the flats…

Bald Eagle

several adult Bald Eagles scattered here and there – all the eagles being very vocal…

and that way

if you knew what you were looking for, that swan was visible from pretty much everywhere along the trail…(tiny white dot pretty much dead center)


but it was directly out from the viewing platform.  I’m beginning to wonder if it is injured in some way, but it can obviously walk and even though it appears to be hunched down, I think that is just because of the rise and fall of the terrain.  It was having a drink at this point.

Mew Gull - 2nd Winter

there was a dainty little gull out there in the same general area as the swan, thought it might be something exciting, but after studying it, I think it is a second winter Mew Gull…so not exciting at all.  Very few ducks today…a few Mallard, 3 little Bufflehead and 3 Common Merganser flew by – that was it.

The first bay

haven’t shown the state of the first bay for a while, so am tossing this one in…there was an adult Bald Eagle perched there for a while as well.

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