Friday, February 3, 2012

Beautiful day!


What a beautiful day!  It was even warm enough to shed the winter jacket.  There was a lot of bird activity at the log bay…the usual, House Finch, Red-wing Blackbirds, but also there appeared to be quite a few Northern Flicker doing interesting things that I would have liked to have studied further, but I felt it best to leave as there was someone with a small dog who was obviously reluctant to walk by my ‘scary’ big dog – so headed back into my own territory

Swan out there

the little white dot, way out there at the edge of the water….is that Tundra Swan

Tundra Swan

it was back – in fact today, when I first spotted it, it was swimming in the water….so obviously, fears that it might be injured in some way, were unfounded.

From the viewing platform

when I reached the viewing platform…

Tundra Swan

it was happily ‘sunbathing’

Bald Eagle

a few Bald Eagles around as well – this guy gave the ducks a scare before settling into the water…with food supplies pretty much gone, the eagles are now ready to hunt for food.

Tundra Swan

and a last look at the Tundra Swan.  The Great Backyard Bird count starts 2 weeks from today – it would be nice if he/she hung around long enough to be counted.


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