Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not so nice a day

Compared to yesterday, today wasn’t nearly so nice…

soggy Valentines day

it was down right chilly too – I was wishing I’d worn gloves! Another quiet day, some Mallard, Green-wing Teal, a few Bufflehead, a pair of American Wigeon and a few Common Merganser…one Bald Eagle

Golden-crowned Kinlet

attempted to get pictures of a little flock of Golden-crowned Kinglets – this was the best I managed.  Went back to compare how this Valentines day compared to last year and turns out they are pretty much identical.  When you get a day like yesterday everyone suddenly thinks it is spring – but if you look at the calendar there is 5 weeks of winter left – and last year…not too long after this date, we were back to being covered in snow!

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