Friday, February 10, 2012

Another quiet day

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday…

another dull day

same sort of cool, gray showery weather with not much happening…

young gull

this young Glaucous-wing Gull was the only bird at the log bay.  The flock of Red-wing Blackbirds were down serenading the golf course.

House Finch

did notice a few House Finch, and then when I really stopped and watched – several Steller’s Jay, some Junco and a Song Sparrow….all be being very secretive and keeping to the vegetation.


there were Mallards scattered here and there, also go Green-wing Teal and one lone Bufflehead.  Also one Bald Eagle in the tree by the viewing platform.


the Mallards didn’t do their usual taking flight as soon as you get near – so am positing this to show the females…note the bills, orange with black in the center – this means they are into their breeding mode.

A week today is the first count day for the Backyard Bird Count – I hope it will be a bit more productive – bird count wise – than it would have been today!


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