Monday, February 13, 2012

Beautiful but very, very quiet

A stunningly beautiful day…

nice day

but oh, so quiet!  Some ducks, mainly Mallard and Green Wing Teal and that was it.  Not a single solitary Bald Eagle to be seen or heard.  I did have 3 Evening Grosbeak show up at my feeder early this morning, but haven’t seen or heard them since, in fact the feeders have been pretty much deserted for most of the day!

Eagle sculpture

a change of subject – this metal sculpture of a Bald Eagle has been erected at the edge of the Fraser River in Mission, B.C.  The sculpture came from an artist in the U.S.A. but the ‘nest’ was created by my husband and the company he works for were responsible for putting the whole thing together – the eagle with it’s fish, the nest, and attaching it to the pilings where it is mounted.

another view of the sturgeon

this, I think concrete sculpture, of a Sturgeon is also mounted at the same park.

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