Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Canada Geese

Another beautiful day in a string of lovely days, this being the first one that I’ve been able to actually get out for a walk….

Sunny day

still some snow hanging around, despite the warm ‘double digit’ temperatures.  First thing I noticed was that ‘out there’

Geese in the sun

there were quite a few Canada Geese just laying in the sun…also quite a few Mallards scattered along the shoreline, a great many of them ‘sun bathing’ as well.

Swan family out there

it was very quiet all along the trail, perhaps due to the stiff breeze – but there was a swan family out from the log bay…

Trumpeter family

These ones Trumpeter Swans (no sign of the lone Tundra that had been hanging around)

Geese on the shore

there was a pair of Canada Geese here too – this is a bit early – we usually start seeing pairs showing up in March, but they are early nesters and if the prediction of an early spring continues, they could well be checking out nesting sites…


just another look of the estuary under clear blue skies…

Pussy Willows

and – more pussy willows showing up!

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