Thursday, February 9, 2012

Screaming eagles….

another gloomy day…

gloomy day

at least it was just showery and not actually pouring when we went for our walk.

still snow on trail

despite last weeks warm temperatures and this week’s rain, snow still lingers on the trail in this spot.

Red-wings in the bushes

Red-wing Blackbirds were down in the bushes from one end of the park to the other…

Juvenile Bald Eagle

a juvenile Bald Eagle remained perched part way along the trail..

Pair of very vocal eagles

but the biggest carry on was from this pair of Bald Eagles in the tree by the viewing platform.  They had both flown in their while I was walking and the screaming that was going on lead one to believe they were being ripped apart…

Vocal Eagle

this one on the lower branch was definitely the most vocal of the two…I assume all the noise was some thing to do with ‘pairing up’….

Eagle pair

at one point the top eagle flew out in a loop, dove at a duck in the water, came back with something (not big enough to be the duck) and proceeded to eat it while the other one continued it’s screaming… I had thought maybe he(?) was going to present what ever he picked up to (her?) but that wasn’t the case – he kept it for himself.

Varied Thrush

only other birds spotted, apart from ducks that flew, were this female Varied Thrush

Steller's Jay

and a couple of Steller’s Jay…all in the area by the ‘screaming eagles’

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