Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Harrison Bay

Well we got over to Harrison Bay today.....

and was shocked at the lack of birds!  There was a large flock of robins in the trees in the campground....

and this Glaucous-wing Gull on the beach and that was it!  Could hear a few geese way out somewhere and finally heard an eagle just as we were returning to the car but couldn't spot it anywhere. 

Don't know that I've ever seen the area so devoid of birds....even when the campground was full.

it wasn't a lot better her at home in the morning although if you look closely there is a Heron in the foreground and a Belted Kingfisher on the broken piling and way out there, there are a couple of eagles and quite a few gulls....of course the fact that those dog owners with their dogs were out there again didn't help!

Out of curiosity I was checking back to see what photos on this date in the past revealed....

This was in 2013....lots of activity but water levels higher....maybe we need a good rainstorm to bring water back up and keep people and dogs where they belong!

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