Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Almost perfect day!

Today was one of those rare, almost perfect days.  The sun was shining, the temperature was just right, there was enough of a breeze to have a dozen or so eagles riding the thermals, and best of all, for an anti-social person like me, we (my dog and I) didn't see another person during our hour long walk!

This was the scene at the log bay....

thanks to Saturday's rain there is still some water in the bay....

which means there were lots of Chum Salmon in there.

but it wasn't just salmon.....there were about 40 Mallard in the area all told, half a dozen American Wigeon and Canada Geese. 

and lots more of all of them 'out there'.

It was pretty quiet along the trail

although there were a few American Robin in the Pacific Crab Apple trees.  Saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet but he just wouldn't cooperate for a picture.  Also heard several Anna's Hummingbirds.

the most obliging bird was this adult Bald Eagle who flew into the 'eagle tree' by the viewing platform just as we were walking past.  Counted approximately 60 eagles out there today, most way out along the edges of the gravel bars but definitely more flying about.

a few of the gulls are also coming in close like this Glaucous-wing.  Saw a Mew Gull today too.

and too bad this is slightly out of focus.  There were a pair of Great Blue Heron chasing each other around.  This one landed right in front of me.

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