Monday, October 10, 2016

A bit more like it!

After all that rain on Saturday....

it was nice to get out yesterday morning and see more Bald Eagles than we'd seen so far this year.  It helped that the water levels came up, concentrating them in a smaller area.

there were even three of them in the 'eagle tree'!

In the afternoon....

the amount of activity out on the 'flats' was amazing!  Not sure I've ever seen as many ...

Canada Geese as were 'guesstimate' was three hundred.

and mustn't forget the wonders how long that tower is going to stay out there ruining the scenery.  For those that don't know the tower was erected a number of years ago to have cameras on it for streaming video of the eagles.  During a wind storm, almost a year ago now, it toppled....and so it remains. 

Back to the good stuff....

the numbers of Chum Salmon are increasing, today, with the higher water levels, there were a lot of them right in the log bay and some up in the first bay and I hear tonight that they have made it to our boat launch.

Yesterday these Killdeer were just across from the boat launch.  Look closely - there are 4 of them.

Hasn't been a lot in the bushes the last couple of days, probably due to the increase in people walking the trail - it was a long weekend after all  - but

I have seen more Dark-eyed Junco....this one even posed for a portrait.

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