Friday, October 7, 2016

Band-tail Pigeon?!

Well this was a surprise!

this obviously young Band-tail Pigeon showed up in our yard today.  Have never seen one this late in the season before!  

It was the first really 'fallish' day today...

the wind was just howling out there on the can see the Canada Geese and a few ducks were in close where it was a bit more sheltered.

the rain, at least held off.  While I was here a couple came and the fellow said 'my friend wants to see the eagles'....the 'friend had an accent, perhaps Australian.....I explained that we were all wondering where the eagles are this year, that the numbers of salmon returning were expected to be very low which, if that is the case, will mean there won't be many eagles either. 

There was a large mixed flock in the bushes along the trail....

included Black-cap Chickadees, Ruby Crowned Kinglets and Yellow-rump Warblers like the one above....blending into the habitat.

Still lots of American Robins around like this pair enjoying the garden out back.

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