Thursday, October 20, 2016

Can't say you didn't know....

Well, no one can say they didn't know....

they shouldn't be walking out on the flats.  Thank you to the F.V.B.E.F. rep who put this sign up at the base of our boat launch.  Of course, right now, it isn't a issue, it is all water out there rather than 'flats' but maybe by the time water drops again, a few more people will have got the message.

this was the view this morning....think there are 33 Bald Eagles out there in this photo. 

Water levels had come up to the point today that we couldn't even wade the path to the park but we had made it over there yesterday....

at one point there were quite a few Dark-eyed Junco and American Robins on the ground...

this young one was having a tussle with a Woolly Bear Caterpillar, you can just make it out on the ground.  I don't know if these caterpillars are normal food for them or not, unfortunately before I could see who was going to win, another dog walker arrived and scared everyone away.

I missed a perfect shot of a Ruby crowned Kinglet, but got this Song Sparrow.

back at the other end there were quite a few Canada Geese along with American Wigeon hiding in the grass.

and a Great Blue Heron.  Have spotted a number of Marsh Wren the last couple of days but haven't managed a picture....and speaking of 'spotting' - we are now scanning the area each day wondering when the first swan will show up - there have been reports of a few in the central interior so they are on their way.

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