Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Day of April

This last day of April, 2015 we ventured back over to Harrison Bay....really didn't want to considering what has taken place over there but with water levels once more on the rise there is really no where else to walk.

the weather was much like most of this month has been, kind of cool and showery but not too bad considering.  There isn't much in the way of beach again as this photo shows, notice the Pacific Choke Cherry tree in full flower.  There are a lot of these trees all along the dike and even left in the park, they don't grow large enough to be deemed 'dangerous' thank goodness as they are so important to the birds.

here is a closer look at the flowers.  There was no sign of the Osprey pair that we had seen on our last visit but there was activity at the Bald Eagle nest so I suspect there must be young...with the tree leafed out it is impossible to see but there was an adult flying to and fro and suspicious noises.

The most noticeable birds today were....

Gold-crowned Sparrows.  At one point there were 3 of them in one of the choke cherry trees.

this view definitely shows the 'gold' crown!  There were also still....

White-crowned Sparrow in the same area we've been seeing them all along.  I'm sure there is a nest in this spot.

I'm actually surprised at the number of Canada Geese still in the fields adjacent to the dike.  I would have thought numbers would have thinned by now.  Haven't seen any goslings yet.  Could hear Killdeer and a Common Yellowthroat today and there were a number of Starlings flying back and forth from the trees...

and here we are....the view from the would appear that the goal is a larger boat launch parking lot....

and here is what paid the price for it....the trees and the birds that used them!

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