Monday, April 20, 2015

Warm again

Well the warmth is back, got to 23 degrees today....

and the water is still gone.  Actually it is where it should be about this time of the year, just that it should be creeping up to this level, not just having dropped back.  Should note that there have been Greater Yellowlegs Sandpipers out there the last few days, could barely spot them at a distance but have been able to hear them.

Walked over at Harrison Bay today as well....

was very calm with not a lot of bird activity although there were Tree Swallows flying about over head....

That dark on top of the pilings is the head of a Canada Goose, no doubt sitting on a nest.

this White-crowned Sparrow was about the only co-operative bird we met.  Will mention that the Osprey are back as well but haven't managed a picture of one yet.

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